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  • Send links to streaming songs from bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube, or somewhere else.
  • Include info on where your music can be purchased, when you can be seen next live, or give your website.
  • Explain yourself by detailing location, inspirations, influences, etc.

Unreleased Music

Tropical Yeti will never share or leak any song files or streams which are marked as confidential. Unless noted, it is assumed that all music provided is fit for sharing. In the event that confidential music is sent for review, we ask you to please earmark at least one track which can be shared for the benefit of our readers / listeners.

Suggestions / Comments / Real Life

  • If it's related to an article, tell the world. Comment.
  • Email for additional contact information when wishing to send an advance CD or other physical promo.
  • Email to schedule an in-person or phone interview.