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Sights, a post-rock music group from Salt Lake City, has been my favorite indie band since the day I saw them in August of last year. I was there to get some pictures and footage of A Shark Among UsServants, and Strength in the Struggle, but those three bands were the only bands I knew were playing that night. This local event included melodic hardcore, punk, pop punk, and of course post rock. It was sort of an awkward variety and it attracted different kinds of crowds, all in all it was a fun and violence-free show and I am glad I was a part of it.

I noticed Sights was setting up for their set but I didn't know what to expect of them, all I know is that their lighting was dimmed exclusively for the sake of a more personal performance. Their set, like their EP, was a real attraction.

Mammoth, their 2012 debut album, truly defines passive aggression. All things that were presented in this album I very much admired.

This song is the translation from insecurity, hope, and sleep(or lack there of) to music. This one is one of my favorites from this album.

A sharp, bright, and stark song to define the equilibrium of this album. I'm starting to get a sense that this album is about a journey, not a literal one of course.

Pianos Become Teeth, La Dispute, Tiny Moving Parts, Mewithoutyou, The XX, Touche' Amore'.

No shows till the summer, bummer. :(

COTA - 7" Split To Be Released In April/Upcoming Shows

Cota, the 4 piece Indie Rock band from Torrance, California is currently finishing off their 7" Split that will promisingly be released in April 2014. After an array of fill in bassists and successful shows over the summer, they recorded their first single "Drive", a song for all you rock junkies with a craving for summer vibes. Since then, they have been writing new music, playing shows, and have a 7" Split coming out this spring on Savage Youth Records.

I saw these guys at a cancer benefit show in the summer of 2013 along with some other talented groups, and man was it an exciting performance. The crowd was frozen in joy, everybody was enjoying every second of the set. This powerful band brings a more melodic, pop punk influenced sound to the table, and as cliche as it sounds, they are bound to make you wanna get up and dance.

I'm really excited to see what will become of these fine gentlemen.

Nirvana, Descendents, Basement, Smashing Pumpkins, Band of Horses.

Upcoming Shows:
2/22/14 - Cobalt Cafe - Canoga Park - Stanley & the Search/Tigerlily - All Ages - 6:30pm
3/1/14- White Oak Music & Arts - Van Nuys - Vain & Valor/The Mayrunners - All Ages - 7pm
3/12/14 - The Dragonfly - Los Angeles - Battle of the Bands - 18+ - 6pm

Post written by Johnny Ramos

Video Debut: Vensaire - "See I'm You"

Vensaire, the experimental folk outfit from Brooklyn whom we've previously covered, have a strong showing with "See I'm You" off of their debut album Perdix. The song offers a lush, flowing soundscape teeming with Asian influences. Cascading percussion and playful vocals bring a youthful energy to the track, while traditional sounds and themes tie in a mystical, timeless quality.

The title of the track, various scenes of super-imposed footage, and the split-screen all point to a mirror motif. The video blends mythological scenes from Japanese as well as Greek mythology, while clips from Norman Mclaren's ballet piece, Pas de deux add to the paradox of oneness found within two... or is it the duality of one? What do you think? Love the track? Comment below.

Perdix, the band's debut album, is due out this fall on Doom Dab records.

OOFJ "Disco to Die to" Album Drops Today

Today, OOFJ, whose video for "Death Teeth" we previously featured, are releasing their new album Disco To Die To. Members Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills first teamed up in South Africa to record in Katherine's brother's bedroom - an unplanned result of meeting at the wake for Katherine's father. While Katherine spent the summer recording vocals in South Africa, Jenno recorded scores with the Prague Symphony Orchestra and crafted tracks while touring with The Danish Royal Theatre.

On "Pinstripe Suit," ominous overtones of espionage, deadly and erotic, wash over the track. Jenno has generated a swirling storm of synths which match Katherine's lush, soothing vocals. Paired with dark, brooding bass and percussion, my reaction was visceral, and the video is an apt match.

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