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Dolores - Nectar Fields

Twittering birds open Nectar Fields, and it's clear that these songs have the warm fuzzy mojo of a good summer morning. Dolores are a four piece self-described psych-rock group from Madison, Wisconsin.

Measured beats and head-bobbing chords pace out "Hustle." The band flexes it's syncopated funk muscles on tracks like "Minute or Two" and "Fight Fire with Fire."

There's a seventies feel to these songs. With liquid guitar play and b3 organs, the sound walks the line between sunny pop and funky jam band. As horn solos and group vocals come in, you can't help but compare "Fight Fire with Fire" to CAKE, and that's a good thing.

You might expect the instrumental effects-laden final track, but just before the band indulges, the folky, soft rock of "Philly's Got a Plan" prove that this group has dimension. The band has an upcoming EP, Peach Fuzz in the works for 2015, and we'll be sure to check it out.


Ethereal, funky chill-out rock which is sunny, not spooky.

Genre: Pop Funk, Psych Rock
Sounds Like: The Grateful Dead collaborates with CAKE to cover The Meters

You can buy the album at their bandcamp page.
You can spy on Dolores at
Or check them on Facebook or Instagram

Soundcloud Dig: Gold Tooth

It can be tough to pinpoint what makes a certain sound magnetic. In so many ways, Gold Tooth is a classic car. Raw power polished, a solid, driving momentum, and the reassuring sense that you're on your way home.

Gold Tooth broke up, so now is the perfect time to get into their brand of funky rock for maximum cool points. Dig their soundcloud and check out the new act, Motel Fire, which includes some of the former members.


Punchy rock you can sing along to steeped in retro flavor.

Genre: Dream Pop, Bedroom Pop, Chillwave
Sounds Like: The collected cool of The Strokes staggering over drunk to Kings of Leon's bar mitzvah.

Soundcloud: goldtooth-2
Facebook: GoldToothRVA


Sights, a post-rock music group from Salt Lake City, has been my favorite indie band since the day I saw them in August of last year. I was there to get some pictures and footage of A Shark Among UsServants, and Strength in the Struggle, but those three bands were the only bands I knew were playing that night. This local event included melodic hardcore, punk, pop punk, and of course post rock. It was sort of an awkward variety and it attracted different kinds of crowds, all in all it was a fun and violence-free show and I am glad I was a part of it.

I noticed Sights was setting up for their set but I didn't know what to expect of them, all I know is that their lighting was dimmed exclusively for the sake of a more personal performance. Their set, like their EP, was a real attraction.

Mammoth, their 2012 debut album, truly defines passive aggression. All things that were presented in this album I very much admired.

This song is the translation from insecurity, hope, and sleep(or lack there of) to music. This one is one of my favorites from this album.

A sharp, bright, and stark song to define the equilibrium of this album. I'm starting to get a sense that this album is about a journey, not a literal one of course.

Pianos Become Teeth, La Dispute, Tiny Moving Parts, Mewithoutyou, The XX, Touche' Amore'.

No shows till the summer, bummer. :(

COTA - 7" Split To Be Released In April/Upcoming Shows

Cota, the 4 piece Indie Rock band from Torrance, California is currently finishing off their 7" Split that will promisingly be released in April 2014. After an array of fill in bassists and successful shows over the summer, they recorded their first single "Drive", a song for all you rock junkies with a craving for summer vibes. Since then, they have been writing new music, playing shows, and have a 7" Split coming out this spring on Savage Youth Records.

I saw these guys at a cancer benefit show in the summer of 2013 along with some other talented groups, and man was it an exciting performance. The crowd was frozen in joy, everybody was enjoying every second of the set. This powerful band brings a more melodic, pop punk influenced sound to the table, and as cliche as it sounds, they are bound to make you wanna get up and dance.

I'm really excited to see what will become of these fine gentlemen.

Nirvana, Descendents, Basement, Smashing Pumpkins, Band of Horses.

Upcoming Shows:
2/22/14 - Cobalt Cafe - Canoga Park - Stanley & the Search/Tigerlily - All Ages - 6:30pm
3/1/14- White Oak Music & Arts - Van Nuys - Vain & Valor/The Mayrunners - All Ages - 7pm
3/12/14 - The Dragonfly - Los Angeles - Battle of the Bands - 18+ - 6pm

Post written by Johnny Ramos